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Prologue :: 5

Prologue :: 5

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Save my Place! Load my Place!

Author Notes:

Jun 26, 2020
C. Michelle
Here to break up the angst party, are we?

Introducing one of my favorite characters, and another sass-talker >:)

Also, if folks haven't noticed (maybe because the pages aren't large enough to see that kind of detail), everything except the eyes, hair, nose and mouth is absolutely line-less. It was a fun idea when I starting making these pages last year, but for any extended period, a horrible way to do a comic - making me glad this is one of the shorter iterations of the prologue. Fun fact: the original prologue was only 6 pages and involved very little exchange between these two at all! The longest version of the prologue was either 19 pages, 21, or 25. I honestly don't remember anymore xD

Edit: I adjusted all the pages to be slightly larger. They seemed a bit smol on all of my monitors - let me know if they're too big!
I also accidentally reversed the order of the pages for like 5 minutes but hopefully no one saw that O_o


Jun 26, 2020
The pages are the right size. I can't wait to see them again if they're who I'm thinking of.

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