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Mission 1 :: 30

Mission 1 :: 30

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Save my Place! Load my Place!

Author Notes:

Mar 19, 2022
C. Michelle
This page brought to you late as all get-out by...
- Overworking
- Zero time for anything other than work
- More work
- Teacher union drama
- Teaching teenagers
- No renewal of contract, so I have no job after June
- Normal life gobbledy-gook
- Goodbye buffer

Shame, because for Mission 1, this has always been my fave set of pages to work on. I've toned down the terrible shoujo-ness that it used to be and definitely don't miss that.

But hey! I'm still okay? There is a light, just gotta push through the next 2 months to get there, then FREEDOM. I have a plan after that, too, so I'm okay, guys, I promise!

Also, the page that should be going up today will be up tomorrow :) And if I can get done what I want to today and tonight, we should be set for next week, too!

Stay tuned, my nightmare is almost over and we can really get rolling! :D

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