The Battalion - Prologue :: 3

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Prologue :: 3

Prologue :: 3

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Save my Place! Load my Place!

Author Notes:

Jun 14, 2020
C. Michelle
Happy Sunday!
Here is the last of our opening weekend set of pages - Updates will be every Friday around noon CST.

I'm so ecstatic to have this and page 1 up - these two have been in my files or a while and barely survived the crashing of my tablet early last year - I had sent them to myself and a friend a month prior and that's how I was able to get them back. Three cheers for luck!

Keep an eye out for The Battalion's participation in this year's Comicfury Summer Exchange (will post links when that goes up)!


Jun 16, 2020
This revamped version shows off Hienna's personality more.
Jun 16, 2020
C. Michelle
GOOD! Just what I was going for! And I feel that it only gets better from here. I'm not kidding on the sass part, either. At least in the prologue, she's going to dish it at every opportunity she can

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