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Mission 1 :: 12

Mission 1 :: 12

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Save my Place! Load my Place!

Author Notes:

Jul 31, 2021
C. Michelle
I have been waiting MONTHS for this page, where we introduce a central character. Finally! Let the fun begin! (And shenanigans, don't forget shenanigans.)


For folks that have been here a while and seen Ryden for like 10 years, no, it's not just the sunset that altered his hair color. I did in fact officially change it to a sandy color as opposed to the light strawberry blonde he had before. (It'll be more obvious in other pages)
This all came about after a comment made by a long-time friend and fan who poked fun at the "pink" hair. Which got me thinking. Really thinking. So here we are. All the previous pages and character sheets have been changed to reflect this edit. But older illustrations and previous exchanges will still have the original color.

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