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Mission 1 :: 8

Mission 1 :: 8

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Save my Place! Load my Place!

Author Notes:

Jul 3, 2021
C. Michelle
Whoo! Back on track!
Back to weekend updates until school eats me again (or the buffer runs out)
Hope everyone in my corner of the world has a lovely and safe holiday weekend! Happy 4th!

I was hoping summer break would bring lots of comic productivity and restfulness. Haha, NOPE. Break? What break?
And it's only a month until the teacher-y things begin again. Halp.

Three weeks ago, I also adopted two new distractions into my house. Behold the following exhibits of lack of work being done:

Distraction A:

Distraction B:


Jul 5, 2021
I like that last panel, and those are some cute distractions.
Jul 8, 2021
C. Michelle
Very cute. Very distracting.
Especially now that they've started to jump on the furniture and unravel all of the toilet paper.
Oh for the days last week when all they did was sit on the laptop xD

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