The Battalion - Mission 1 :: 7

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Mission 1 :: 7

Mission 1 :: 7

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Save my Place! Load my Place!

Author Notes:

May 2, 2021
C. Michelle
For some weird reason, all the text was dark gray instead of black.
Will be a tad bit paranoid about that from now on.

In other news: new batch of guppy babies! 19 new little mouths to feed, woo! (they are a day-ish old here)
This is the first set from this pretty boy, so I'm excited my females don't totally hate him xD


May 3, 2021
Congrats on the guppy babies!
May 16, 2021
C. Michelle
Thanks muchly! I'll have videos posted eventually of their first meal. Still have all 19 two weeks later, so it's a good batch! Should be more in 2 weeks, too!
Jun 17, 2021
I am in awe of the detail you put into the uniforms!

Also, cute little guppies :3
Jul 3, 2021
C. Michelle
Thanks! Not sure I'll love myself by the end of the chapter, but they do look pretty snazzy right now!

They are cute! The ones in that photo are well on the way to growing up. Momma had another batch (15) a month later, and currently waiting on another set and day now. So many tiny mouths! ^^

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