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Prologue :: 1

Prologue :: 1

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Save my Place! Load my Place!

Author Notes:

Jun 12, 2020
C. Michelle
We're live! Horribly impatient to get this ball rolling, but live!
For the wonderful readers that have stuck around all this time - THANK YOU!
And I hope you enjoy the new levels of sass! (Oh yeah, and the improvements on the rest of it too, I suppose! Maybe we'll make it past Chapter 3, no?)

I also have a permanent teaching job that I've been trying to land for the last year lined up for the fall, so half my summer will be prepping for that and most of my summer will be making that grand old "school year buffer".

I've also changed the background of the layout a little to reflect the tone of the prologue - we'll be back to blue skies in Chapter 1!

This is it, we're back!
Feel free to explore the site a bit as I've been working on a bunch of goodies all over the place - the shops page is still under construction, but that'll get up and running pretty quick! I have some exciting things planned for the future, including an interactive explore page and a promo vid, so look forward to those!


Jun 15, 2020
Can't wait to see more sass!

Also good luck with the teaching job!
Jun 16, 2020
C. Michelle
Sass to the max! As fun to write as it is to read!

Thank you! Both excited and nervous. On one hand - yay, job!. On the other, I have to spearhead the school's venture into integrating computer science classes. I can code a little, but uhhhhhh.....

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