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Snarky know-it-all Hienna Cavallon is thrust into a world with more rules than she can wrap her head around. A world seemingly dominated by wits, family ties, and raw, deadly power. With her best friend and younger brother in tow, armed only with  sarcasm and an untapped power to manipulate the wind, she tackles challenges with only way she knows how - head on.

 The Battalion is a long-form story-based webcomic started in 2012.
After numerous rewrites, redraws, and reboots,
 it's ready to get off the ground and fly. 
Genres include Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Military, Comedy, and 
Romance - Rated PG-13 for Mild Violence and Mild Language

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C  (Spotty) is a twenty-something first-year math teacher residing in the St. Louis, area, who sucks at organic chemistry but rocks at calculus.  She loves the color red, hates tailgaters, and currently lives with a herd of adorable yet troublesome goldfish

~ The Good ~
~ The Bad ~
~ The Fishy ~
:: Here Lies a List of My Active Aquariums ::
110 Gallon Indoor Pond 1:: Sterling, Lune, Pumpkin, + 3 Smol Orandas
110 Gallon Indoor Pond ::3 Itty Bitty Tosakin Goldies + 1 gimpy Oranda
55 Gallon:: Orca (Quarantined Oranda)
29 Gallon:: 2 Montezuma Swordtails (Male)
20 Gallon Long:: English Red Double Sword Guppy Boys
20 Gallon:: English Red Double Sword Guppy Girls
12 Gallon :: English Red Double Sword Guppies (1M/ 2F)
10 Gallon :: 1 Glowlight Tetra, 2 Male Guppies
10 Gallon ::  White Albino Swordtail Pair
5 Gallon :: 1 Female Swordtail
+ Assorted Guppy Rearing Tanks


Other Art and Projects
:: Equine Illustrations ::
HARPG (Horse Art - RPG) is a game where players own, breed, train, and show equines through art and literature. Player-made breeds are wildly popular, and the community is very large and super active.
Raven's Crown Equestrian - On Hiatus
Founded  Fall 2012
Hodge-podge collection of pretty ponies with no specialized discipline
Favorites and Award-Winners:
RCE Drops of Steel, RCE Mountain's Edge, RCE Silent Knight
Golden Gateway Sporthorses - On Hiatus
Founded Summer 2017
Horses specializing in primarily English disciplines 
(Stadium Jumping, Cross Country, Endurance, Dressage)
Currently home to only one horse: GGS Brigadier
:: Comics ::
I've done a few little comics over the years, but most have been unfinished,
usually due to life events and random inspiration for other projects.
The Battlalion is my main flagship project and will  probably be one of my longest.
I have previously posted other comics on ComicFury and discontinued to focus on this one.
:: Honorable Mentions / Published Works ::
Conjurxings Spring 2013: St. Louis College of Pharmacy Literary Magazine
Interview on comics with   St. Louis Public Radio 
"We're All That's Left":  University of Missouri-St. Louis Class Comic. 2015

If you would like more information on my art, would like to see more,
or even if you want to commission me, visit....
Golden Gateway Studios