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Update - Flight Delayed!


Update - Flight Delayed!

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Author Notes:

Oct 6, 2020
C. Michelle
Greetings, all!

Fall is right around the corner and I'd like to update y'all since we were supposed to come back last Friday the 2nd.

Obviously, that didn't happen, but I didn't want to leave anyone hanging (I've done enough of that, right? Dropping off the face of the earth level stuff).
I knew I wasn't terribly prepared for this school year, but the last month and a half have driven home how unprepared ALL of us are across the board. The schedule keeps switching, any notes and material I have are created the day before or the day of. I try to keep up with it as best I can but there's zero time to myself for much of anything I truly want to do or I do to relax and I would LOVE a day to just sit down and do nothing. Or be some sort of couch potato. Not just teaching stuff, either. I tutor a friend taking classes in university on weekends, and teach all week. It's exhausting working pretty much every single day. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE teaching, but the logistics are an A+ nightmare.

I have no idea when we'll be back in full swing, but when we do I want updates to be consistent and have multiple a week, not just once, probably twice. That requires a buffer that will take a while to put together and a lot of time that I wish I had to work on it right now (it's also been so long I have to relearn some of my digital drawing tools, so there's that)

So I hope to see you all again soon. Hang in there! We'll be back! Eventually!
However, I will be participating in the CF Halloween Crossover Exchange this year since it's not too big a project, so keep an eye out for that!

Peace, Love, and Algebra!
<3 Spotty

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