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Save my Place! Load my Place!

Author Notes:

May 21, 2020
C. Michelle
Long time no see! I hope everyone is safe and sound in this crazy time of 2020. The last post was in January and no one had ANY idea just how mad the world would get! Again, I hope you are all doing well and finding ways to stay occupied, active, and healthy.

When I last made an update, I was at the tail end of a teaching job, and in February I snagged another one almost right away. The only problem was that this new job was NOTHING like the other one - I've been creating and teaching lesson plans basically every day from scratch for the last 3 months. Add remote teaching to that and there's a recipe for total time and mind anhilation. But I made it! Yesterday was the last day of school, a fitting birthday celebration, and over the past few days I've had the refreshing opportunity to reaquaint myself with all of my drawing tools. And man it's been fun! The good news is I'm getting this comic back on track. The bad news is I'm out of a job and hoping to get picked up by a school district for next fall. That's still up in the air as it's late in the school year and most opening have already been filled. But we'll see! I may have to leave the area and venture out, but that's okay! No telling what any of that will do to updates, but I'm hoping building a heavy buffer this summer will cover that pretty well!

Any and all comic art I've done this week stems from doing something different for my students - sharing with them my creation process via speedpaints. I created a total of 4 - sketching, linework, coloring (featuring Ryden up there) and background painting. Each is a different piece and were just as fun to edit as they were to create!
HERE'S THE VIDEO FOR THIS ONE! It runs almost 10 minutes (was 20 before heavy speeding!), so get cozy and grab some tunes for yourself!
I put music on the video itself, but here are my recommendations (aka what I was listening to while working):
Red Swan, Vogel im Kafig I, Vogel im Kafig II, Call of Silence, Bauklötze - what can I say, Shingeki no Kyojin is a treasure-trove of good music.
Music from the speedpaint video comes from Kevin McLoed at Incompetech (whom I hope to work with in the future for a Battalion-related project, but shhhhhhh)

I've also been looking over old comic work (circa 2012) and wanted to do a "draw this again" type thing every once in a while, posted probably in the Captain's Log so as not to eat up update space! Funnily enough, I went trolling through old files on a separate hard drive and found quite a few pages from the most recent, newer version of Chapter 1 finished and ready to post. Like 1/3 of them. Oops. Too bad I edited the script, too, so those aren't even really useful anymore.

I wanted to wait until the most recent ComicFury Crossover Exchange was complete to do anything with the site (that's just about the only comic-related art I've been able to do until now :/ ). Now that that's over, all of the pre-existing pages - wth the exception of the cover - will be deleted in the coming days and I'm hoping to start officially updating mid to late June!

Cheers and Happy Summer!

(also let me know how the saturation looks here. On my tablet it looks almost too vibrant, on my work computer it's pretty faded. Anything helps!)

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